gift guide for the kids.

This year has been especially crazier than normal because we started this new blog adventure right around the holidays and of course that other little job as a photographer made much of my free time not thinking about the present buying.  Whoops.    And although Christmas isn’t all about presents  –  it is part of the magic.  So this year I opted for the ease of online shopping  plus lets be honest, I don’t LOVE to shop anyway (gasp) – crazy right? I mean I love to shop online  but the mall gives me serious anxiety with all the choices. Ha!!   Shopping from the couch in my comfy pants is just more fun and can I mention how fabulous Amazon Prime is….free 2 day shipping all delivered to my door.  Can’t get much better than that!

So you still have a little time to shop because Amazon doesn’t disappoint,  I added some of my favorite gifts I am giving this year.  We don’t really neeeeeeed anything but don’t we all say that every year. Ha!  This year I went with gifts that remind me of my childhood….not too long ago…..obviously. 🙂 xmasgifts

1. Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots  // 2. Artist Collective Color Blocks // 3. Ice Cream Scoop Set //

4. Jacobs ladder //5. Smelly Stickers // 6. Custom Rag Doll //

7. Walkie Talkies // 8. Mini Wooden Dollhouse 

AND here are things I found after my shopping was all done.  Like as I hit my last confirm order button – I always get about 10 more ideas I wished I thought of sooner….so I will put them on my “save for another day list” – aren’t they just the cutest things!

Online shopping is really just too easy.


1. Apron set // 2. Magna-Tiles // 3. Puppet show // 4. S’more Campfire



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